HealthScan Video Series: Introduction to Natural and Holistic Health

Video 1: Learning Goals and Outline:

The HealthScan Technique:
A practical, common-sense approach to natural healthcare

– HealthScan approach was developed from over 25 years of chiropractic experience.
– This approach looks at the body as a whole unit with three key ways that it can be affected:

  • Structure (as approached by traditional chiropractic)
  • Chemistry (affected by nutrition as well as chemical and environmental exposures)
  • Emotional (influenced by lifestyle choices and experiences)

– All three of these elements interact with each other in the body’s overall health.
– Addressing one without the others results in incomplete healthcare.

Accumulation effect

– The body has the potential to handle small doses of toxins or lack of nutrients for long periods of time before symptoms arise or a breakdown happens.
– Toxins that can not be eliminated are isolated and will accumulate in various places until the body can no longer tolerate them and begins to break down.
– This is how people can live symptom free while being subjected to poor nutrition or chemical exposures.


The traditional medical approach focuses on treating symptoms.
– Common medicines are developed to reduce symptoms, not address root causes.
– Symptoms play a very important role in the healing process.
They are the body’s expression that it wants to be well.

The HealthScan approach helps you reach health goals by supporting the body’s natural healing process.

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