HealthScan Technique

Completely Honors the Body’s Ability to Heal

The HealthScan Technique™ is a thorough, step by step, approach that identifies weaknesses or imbalances and determines the best possible path towards better health. This is done by evaluating the electrical system of your body. Yes, your body is electric! We know this is true because the human body can be electrocuted or fit with a pacemaker.

I personally developed the HealthScan Technique™ and I have trained over a thousand doctors in the US and Britain in this method of healing. It is safe, effective, and completely unique.

The HealthScan Technique™ is a fast, easy and effective way to communicate with your body’s electrical pathways. These pathways are the “information highways” where information is sent and received from all of your body’s organs, glands and systems, just like in an electrical circuit board. Problems which arise in one area of the body affect the body as a whole.

When a problem arises, the normal electrical impulses being sent and received are disrupted, distorted or not received at all. In other words, a "short-circuit" occurs. This is where the HealthScan Technique™ comes in!

When there is a disruption in the electrical path, your brain sends out an electrical impulse to signal the healing process to begin. During the healing phase there is an increase in electrical energy sent to the problem area.

Pinpoint The Cause Of Your Symptoms

By using the HealthScan Technique™, which combines kinesiology (muscle testing) and reflex points along the electrical pathways of your body, it can easily be determined what areas of your body are trying to heal. Since muscles are also governed by electrical impulses, they too will be affected by fluctuations in the energy current and can be used as a tool to determine where there is a problem in the electrical system of your body.

Demonstration of muscle resistance
By using a muscle in resistance (raising your arm upward against the force of someone pushing down) and testing it against specific reflex points, the muscle will either stay strong (because the energy flow is stable) or it will go weak momentarily (because of a disruption in the energy flow).

The most commonly used muscle is the shoulder (deltoid) muscle. When this muscle goes weak, in conjunction with a specific reflex point, it indicates the need for support in order to heal quickly and effectively.

There is no guesswork with the HealthScan Technique™. It completely honors your body’s natural ability to heal. This way of accessing information regarding the body’s electrical flow is effective for both short and long term conditions. This is a way to help the body heal old, deeply held imbalances as well as address any newly introduced toxins or infections you might be dealing with.

The Source Of Imbalances & Health Issues

There are three specific areas of the body where imbalances can cause health issues:

  1. Structural
  2. Chemical
  3. Emotional

These three areas are checked at each visit. By honoring the body’s ability through muscle testing, to show where imbalances exist, your body will naturally prioritize its own healing sequence. Since your body records all the information, like a computer, it knows the specific sequence for healing.

With all areas being supported, your body can heal naturally and quickly. Your body stores toxins, chemicals, infections and emotions in its organs and tissues. And remember, unless your body has the right tools to eliminate these things they can accumulate and lead to disease.

The HealthScan Technique™ assists your body in revealing this information so it can work through the accumulated layers to take care of the true causes of the symptoms.