Dr. Don Anderson, D.C.

don-anderson-profile-188x250I grew up in northwestern Minnesota. I did not come from a chiropractic family but I was introduced to the field when my mom experienced severe low back problems.

She was scheduled to undergo surgery to relieve her extreme sciatic pain and leg weakness when a friend talked her into trying chiropractic. She went for extensive care and made a full recovery.

I was quite young at the time and went with her to many visits. I witnessed first hand the tremendous results and decided at the age of twelve to become a chiropractor.

After high school, I attended Moorhead State University for my undergraduate studies and then went to Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN, graduating in 1989. While attending Northwestern, I received training in Meridian Therapy (acupuncture) and studied extensively the technique of Applied Kinesiology.

I have also had the opportunity to work with different practitioners and these partnerships have allowed me to learn, develop and integrate many new techniques.

Through these partnerships I was also able to formulate many products and teach seminars for a nutritional company.

One partnership in particular led to the development of an integrative and innovative technique. I have since made changes to the technique, which is now the HealthScan Technique™ and have formulated herbal tinctures for various nutritional companies.

I have taught many healthcare practitioners around the United States and England.

I have been married to my wife, Karla, since 1988 and we have three wonderful boys. I am currently the worship leader at SouthGate Church. I enjoy music, basketball, golf and spending precious time with my family.

My desire is to educate, assist, and empower people.

I want my patients to know their own bodies and begin to listen to and understand the processes of their own systems. In doing so, they can achieve and maintain their health naturally. My goal is to give my patients tools to enhance their lifestyle and an approach to healing that they are not getting anywhere else!

— Dr. Don Anderson, D.C.