Chiropractic Treatment Duration

How Long Will This Take?

Everyone is different. Many factors influence the duration of any treatment. The speed of healing from this type of treatment depends greatly on a number of factors:

  • Overall Health of Patient
  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Emotional Health
  • Exercise
  • Age

Each patient’s treatment plan is a partnership between their doctor and themselves. That partnership is there to assist the patient in defining a path towards better health and balance.

Initial Treatment Phase

In the beginning, the body will need specific support to assist in healing and balancing. The typical protocol is weekly visits for 1-2 months, then visits every 2 weeks, and as you progress, the visits will continue to spread out.

During this time, your body will give indications as to where toxins and infections have been stored and where there are imbalances. Weekly visits will encourage your immune system to regain its authority as your body’s primary defense, and it will give your detoxification system (lymphatics, colon, urinary system, liver) the tools to begin cleaning out the stored garbage. Specific organs and glands will be supported in order to strengthen your system.

After the initial phase of treatment, your visits will be extended out as your body shows it can work on its own for longer periods of time. Eventually, your visits will be scheduled on an “as needed” basis.

There will be periods where you may need more regular visits again to regain control over specific short term ailments. However, the long term goal is maintenance with general nutritional support. Remember that most conditions do not arise overnight. It is from an accumulation of stressors over time. This is NOT a quick fix, but most people experience an improvement of symptoms within the first 2-3 weeks.

Preventative Health

Preventative health is ongoing and helps to prevent relapses of previous conditions and addresses new conditions before symptoms occur.

Like the oil changes and maintenance work on your car. Can you get by without it? Yes, but if you don’t do something it could cause serious problems down the road.

If you take care of your health now your future health will carry less burden, so you can continue with a higher quality of life.