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The General Screen: Foundation of the HealthScan Technique

The General Screen helps you find out if a product of food is:

  • Beneficial
  • Neutral
  • Harmful

Principles behind Muscle Testing and The General Screen.

  • Every object in the world has a specific frequency due to it’s atomic makeup.
  • This electrical frequency can influence our body’s electrical system and provide feedback.

Testing a persons polarity

1) Hold the arm straight out to the side
2) Place your hand on their wrist and pull down to check for a strong shoulder muscle.
3) Hold the back of your other pointer finger to the bridge of their nose, between their eyes.

  • This is a polarity reflex point
  • It’s a very electrical point on the body
  • This point holds a Positive (+) charge
  • The back of the finger carries a Negative (-) charge
  • The arm should stay strong since positive and negative attract, causing no interference, just like a magnet

4) Turn your finger over and hold the front on your finger to the same point

  • The front of your finger carries a positive charge (+)
  • The arm should go weak because of the positive to positive interference. (just like a magnet)

Tips for Success:

  • The weakness of the arm may be subtle
  • The goal is not to be able to press the arm completely down, only to detect a change in strength
  • If there is no detectable change, take the front of your finger and “swipe” downward across the polarity point, this will “reset” the body’s polarity. (We know, it sounds kinda weird, but we’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and the Chinese have been doing it for thousands, it works 🙂

Using the General Screen:

1) Have the person hold their arm straight out to the side. This allows us to test the deltoid (shoulder) muscle.
2) Hold any product in the other hand and hold it against your mid section or sternum area.

  • This is a very electrical part of the body and provides strong positive or negative feedback.

3) Take hold of their outstretched arm at the wrist and gently pull down.

  • The arm with either stay strong or go weak
  • If the arm stays strong, have them move the item away from their midline and out to the side.

There are three outcomes from this test: 1) Helpful 2) Neutral 3) Harmful

1) Helpful = Strong when holding item midline, Weak when item is taken away from midline

2) Neutral = Strong when holding item midline, Strong when item is taken away from midline

3) Harmful = Weak when holding item midline

  • If the test shows harmful, you can find out more by testing to see if the item is Toxic or Allergic for the person.
  • To test Toxic, take your finger and point to the area below the collar bone (about 3″, see video). Weak Arm = Toxic, Strong Arm = Not toxic
  • To test Allergic, take your finger and point to the palm of the extended arm. Weak Arm = Allergic, Strong Arm = Not Allergic

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