Chiropractic Care Testimonials

Hear what our chiropractic care patients are saying!

It has been my extreme pleasure to get to know Dr. Anderson both personally and professionally. He is a very competent and skilled clinician who has developed unique insights and abilities to help people recover from complex health challenges. I do not hesitate to refer my patients to him for his assistance, and they report to me that he is a compassionate and caring provider. I am especially impressed with Dr. Anderson’s methods to reveal and address the underlying cause of health problems, and with his focus on treating the whole person. Accordingly, I have invited Dr. Anderson to be a guest on my Denver-based radio program on several occasions. I am confident that Dr. Anderson is a health care provider of high standards and integrity, and that he will continue to advance the frontiers of good health practices. Any person with medical challenges would benefit from working with him.

// Roger Billica, M.D., FAAFP – Tri-life Health, PC

Dr. Don is an answer to prayer for our family. We have been his patients for over 13 years. Because of the potent and pure supplements he uses and the HealthScan Technique, we enjoy a vitality and well-being that contributes greatly to our quality of life. Thank you Dr. Don!

// Angie Selgren, Fort Collins, CO

I first visited Dr. Donald Anderson over 20 years ago, following the recommendation of a friend. I had been suffering from chronic and fairly debilitating digestive issues for about eight years. Conventional medicine seemed to offer little relief despite numerous (and fairly unpleasant) diagnostic tests and prescription medications. Using his HealthScan technique, “Dr. Don” assessed my condition and sent me home with several bottles of his unique brand of vitamin/herbal support formulas he had developed and marketed, at that time through Nutriwest, and now through HealthScan Solutions. I continued to visit Dr. Don regularly, and within a few weeks, I began to notice a marked improvement in my health. Over time, and with periodic support and help from Dr. Anderson, my health woes diminished. Now, some 20 years later, I continue to benefit from the health gifts Dr. Anderson provides. In 1991, my son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. He was just eight years old at that time. I helped him manage his illness into adulthood by combining conventional medical treatments of blood sugar monitoring and insulin, and Dr. Anderson’s HealthScan formulas. Dr. Don helped us manage my son’s general health as well as moments of erratic blood sugars. Today, although my son is now married and raising his own family and managing his illness for himself, we both credit Dr. Anderson’s gifts for the good health he now enjoys. And finally, in the late 90’s my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He drove the long miles from Pueblo to Ft. Collins to visit Dr. Anderson regularly throughout his chemotherapy. Thanks to this support, he was able to survive the cancer. He recently celebrated his 89th birthday. These few paragraphs are hardly enough to describe the immeasurable gifts of health and friendship Dr. Donald Anderson has shared with me and with my family. I am so grateful to him.

// Carol Kirkwood

I struggled for several years with what doctors described as an ‘inner-ear’ health problem. I would get a screaming sound in my ears and within 10-15 minutes would have severe vertigo and vomiting for at least an hour. I could not lay down for several hours after each of these episodes and propped myself up on the floor because any movement would bring on or heighten the vertigo. After the episode subsided, it would take up to 2 days to ‘get back to normal.’ I never knew when the issue would happen, so I couldn’t venture far from home. If I changed direction too quickly or tipped my head to the side or laid down flat, it would trigger an episode. The condition was never truly diagnosed by medical doctors, but the number of episodes continued to increase. They checked for Meniere ’s disease, brain tumors, etc., but could only say what it ‘was not.’ The last medical doctor (an ENT) who reviewed my condition told me it was just an ‘inner ear’ disturbance perhaps caused by a one-time virus, and the damage to the small hairs inside the inner ear remained. He advised that stress would aggravate the condition and said, ‘take a cruise,’ and sent me off with a valium prescription. The valium didn’t help (and I couldn’t imagine myself on a cruise with vertigo!) so episodes became more frequent, occurring 1 to 2 times per week. One day I was at the dentist’s office and was advising the hygienist not to lay me back in the dental chair too quickly because it could trigger the vertigo episode, etc. She said that she had that same problem for some time, and when she got tired of trying the standard medical route [with no relief], she was referred to Dr. Don Anderson. She commented that when I was ready for a great alternative that actually helped with the issue, I should try working with Dr. Anderson. I set up my first appoint over 20 years ago and the rest is history. I have not had a recurrence of the horrible vertigo, etc. since starting with Dr. Anderson. Through the years, I’ve built up my immune system and have felt better and been healthier than I was when younger. I’ve recommended Dr. Anderson to several friends and family members over the years and they have had good results as well.

// P. Huss – Fort Collins, CO

I was going for acupuncture for many years for my degenerative discs and two years ago I was having so much back pain it hurt to walk or sit and I couldn’t sleep much — I thought it was time to see about surgery. My daughter talked me into seeing Dr. Anderson and I got my life back!! Just taking his supplements for one day, I felt great and had no pain. I drive 2½ hours one way to see Dr. Anderson, am 64 years old and feel like I am in my forties again. I thank God for Dr. Anderson.

// Peggy Fehringer

I would like to let you know how grateful I am for making my son well. Since receiving treatments, he hasn’t had a seizure in 9 months.

// Juan Aquilar, Firestone, CO

Dr. Anderson has provided our family with the health care we’ve been looking for. We have gained a new perspective towards health and health care. ..We highly recommend this healing system to anyone.

// The Hardin Family, Fort Collins, CO

I have been going to Dr Anderson’s office since I was in my teens. Now my husband and son benefit from going as well. At one of my appointments I happened to mention the struggles we were having with my son’s vision and how we were doing in depth eye therapy to try to correct it. The school had thought it was dyslexia and the eye specialist said it was not. We were confused and just wanted the right treatment for our son. Dr. Anderson’s office mentioned they could test for dyslexia. I was surprised and quickly brought our son in for testing. Dr Anderson ruled out dyslexia and successfully helped our son with nutrients and cranial adjustments. His eye therapy scores skyrocketed soon after treatment and our son can now focus and see what he is reading! We are so glad we caught this early and treated the true needs of our son. He is soaring through school now. Thank you for your great work Dr. Anderson!

// C. Klein and K. Klein

I was experiencing joint discomfort, shortness of breath, frequent choking, and an overall lack of patience with my husband and three sons… I was told my choking was associated with a hiatal hernia and that I would learn which foods would be best for me to avoid eating. He (my doctor) recommended that the head of my bed be raised 4 inches and prescribed an inhaler to be kept within reach on my nightstand… Following instructions for an extended period of time and feeling no relief, I knew that I had to schedule time to see Dr. Anderson. Within two weeks I was feeling like myself and asking my husband if he could remember when I had last choked. Over that ten year period of time, Dr. Don Anderson has been my health care provider. No inhaler, no elevated bed, no hiatal hernia. I drive twelve hours, round trip, but what a small inconvenience.

// Jo Ann Gerber – Thermopolis, WY