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Introducing HealthScan Solutions Supplements

Dr. Anderson has been in practice for 18 years and has worked with several nutrient companies to formulate a variety of supplements for his patients. The HealthScan Technique and HealthScan Solutions were created out of a sincere desire to address the increasing number of health conditions among his patients. Each tincture targets a specific area of the body and is designed to support the PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL systems of the body. Call our office to order your tinctures or find out more information.

HealthScan Solutions are superior formulas. Their unique blends of herbs and flower essences create products with a high level of synergy, enabling these blends to work at a deeper level, thus addressing both the emotional andnutritional needs of the patient. Because they are liquid, they absorb quickly creating a high potency formula. They are all natural. They are pleasant tasting and easy to administer.

If you suffer with: Chronic Structural Conditions, Emotional Imbalances, Headaches/Migraines, Hay fever, Food Allergies, Blood Sugar Issues, Gallbladder Problems, Fatigue, Vertigo, Acid Reflux, Digestive Problems, Confusion, Attention Problems, Asthma, Chronic or acute injuries, Weak Immune System and MUCH MORE…The HealthScan Technique and HealthScan Solutions can help you!

Dr. Anderson treats the whole person including emotional issues and has trained over a thousand doctors in the US and in England in this revolutionary and complete approach to health.

Supplement Quick Reference Guide

Adrenal dropsstress, weakness, lethargy, fatigue, dizziness, irregular menstruation due to over exercisefeelings of being overwhelmed, stress and conditions caused by stresslumbar pain, thoracic/lumbar joint pain, joint weakness
Female dropspelvic inflammation, irregular menstruation, PMS, ovary problems, infertility, cramps, lack of sexual desire, hot flashes, peri-menopausalemotions associated with PMS, negativity, rejection, feeling overwhelmed and general female issueship pain, lumbar pain
Heart/Lung dropsgeneral circulation, heart and lung conditions, cough, weakness, fatigue, headachessorrow, sadness, lack of love and self-centerednessleft cervical pain, left shoulder pain, left thoracic pain
Immune dropsgeneral support of the immune system, flu, infections, colds, fever, malaisedeep tiredness and ready to give upjoint achiness
Kidney/Bladder dropssupports kidneys, bladder and urinary tract problemschronic exhaustion, fatigue, fears, worry and discouragementlumbar pain, thoracic/lumbar junction pain
Liver/Digest dropssupports liver, gallbladder, pancreas and small intestine, and helps with digestive complaints, detoxification, blood sugar imbalances, bloating, churning stomach, nausea, allergies and chemical sensitivitieschronic frustration, anger, bitterness, resentment and low self-esteemright shoulder pain, right thoracic pain, right cervical pain, headache
Detox/Lymph dropssupports the lymphatic system, allergies, digestive problems, asthma, chronic diseases, overall ill health, fatigue, constipation, sinus drainage, headache, inflammationself-incrimination, self blame, mentally and emotionally exhausted and feelings of struggling through the daybody aches
Male Herbal dropsmale issues, BPH, sexual dysfunction, frequent night time urinationlack of courage, lack of love, despairlumbar pain
Thyroid dropsthyroid conditions, brain support, lack of motivation, fatigue, shock trauma, food cravings, body temp balancing, cold extremities, depression, memory, homonal imbalancesconfusion, paranoia, indecision and general emotional instability (crying a lot)cervical pain
Trace-Minerals dropsuseful for joints, ligaments and tendons that are over used, stressed or injured. Helps with insomnia, dehydration support, muscle cramps, dry skinfeelings of stressjoint injury, joint weakness

These supplements are not intended for use as drugs, or as a means to cure, treat, prevent, diagnose, or mitigate any disease or other medical or abnormal condition; but simply for nutritional support or the body during the healing process.

Supplements Help The Body Heal

Our bodies are designed in such a way to require certain nutrients in order to achieve and maintain a healthy existence. The environment is becoming increasingly polluted; the air we breathe and water we drink. Studies have shown that our soil system is becoming depleted of vitamins and minerals. The processing of foods and their exposure to various chemicals also affect the nutritional value of those foods. These things can deplete us of nutrients our bodies and immune systems so desperately need. So, we have two choices: eat larger quantities of organic foods or supplement our diet. Obviously eating more isn’t always advisable, so we need to supplement our diets.

There are a lot of options to choose from when buying supplements, but which ones are the best? What do we know about their processing and general integrity? The products I use in the clinic are produced from the highest quality raw materials.

I also know and trust the integrity of the companies that formulate the nutrients. Therefore, I can be sure of the quality of the supplements that my patients are taking. I chose to formulate liquid herbal tinctures so a wider range of patients would be able to take the recommended doses. These patients could include children, people who cannot swallow pills, and those with compromised digestive systems. I mostly use the tinctures for treatment but I also have very high quality pills and capsules.

How Should I Take Them?

First, you will be recommended a daily dose of a supplement. You may take it once a day, but generally it is better to split the daily dose up two or three times throughout the day. This maintains a more consistent concentration of the supplement in your body. The supplements may be taken with or without food.

Second, put the drops in a small glass of water or juice (to dilute the taste not the strength). Each bottle contains a dropper for serving and usually contains 30 drops per dropper (half way up the dropper). Sometimes, due to a more acute condition, it may be recommended to you to take extra of a certain supplement. This may be because your body is processing issues or detoxifying and you may need added support for an organ or system in your body.

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