HealthScan Video Series: Celiac Disease and the General Screen

Learning Goals and Outline:

Celiac Disease and the General Screen

Goal of this video: Equip you to test and know for sure how you or your family responds to gluten.

  • Celiac disease is a serious condition related to the body’s intolerance of a protein called gluten, found in wheat and other grain products.
  • Often Celiac patients cut out too many foods, some beneficial, in order to avoid gluten at all cost.
  • For some people, Celiac Disease is very serious and the avoidance of gluten is necessary but for others it may be temporary and is a function of improper digestion.
  • The general screen gives you the ability to safely and confidently test if a product is safe for you and your family
  • Using Herbs of Hope Immune Support may be helpful

Using the General Screen to test foods in the context of Celiac Disease.

  • Have the person being tested hold the item or food midline
  • Extend their arm straight out to the side
  • gently hold their wrist and pull down
  • Strong = Food is safe to eat
  • Weak = Avoid eating this food. Re-test periodically to look for improvement.

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