HealthScan Video Series: Intro to Muscle Testing

Video 2: Learning Goals and Outline:

The Science Behind Muscle Testing

– Muscle testing is rooted in the fact that the body runs on electricity.
– This is why the heart can be reset by a defibrillator and threatened by electrocution.

Your Body Is Designed To Heal

– The body uses electrical, chemical and vascular changes to initiate the healing process.
– In this process, the brain sends electric signals to injury or disease process areas.
– This electricity radiates out to the surface of the body at specific points related to the injury/disease process area.
– Each organ and system has a point related to it on the surface of the body.
– A second person can interfere with this surface electricity by simply pointing to the active site.
– This interference is similar to holding your hand to a Plasma Ball, your personal electricity is influencing the electromagnetic field within that ball.

Our Muscles Run On Electricity

– We can test what’s going on with the electrical system by the strength of the muscles.
– The deltoid is the easiest.
– Reaching an active point causes interference which changes the body’s electrical system, causing the muscle to go weak.
– Observing the weak muscle in relation to a point that represents a specific system helps you narrow down what’s going on with the body.
– This information can be used to understand the problem as well as determine the best solution.

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