Effect of Negative Emotions

How Do They Affect Me And My Health?

Compare your body to a piece of fabric with tightly woven threads that maintain the integrity of the material. Your body is made up of complex and simple processes to weave together the fabric of your life. Modern science is only recently learning how much our emotions are major threads in our internal fabric.

The physiologic function of organs and organ systems are closely allied to your state of mind. Remember that everyone has emotions and everyone has emotional trauma in their past. Many times, because we don’t know how to handle the trauma, we bury it.

Your body can build up stresses that when vented through over-activity of various bodily systems, can create abnormal physiologic reactions and eventually disease. Negative emotions are toxins to your body. They chemically store in organs and systems and can eventually have an adverse effect on your system. Emotional issues often show up in the weakest physical point.

When a patient holds on to the negative emotions it affects their entire system. The HealthScan Technique can assist your body in releasing those emotional toxins and give your body an opportunity to rebuild with positive emotional support. When there is an emotional imbalance, physical symptoms can occur. Likewise, if there is a physical problem, such as in the thyroid, emotional imbalances are a possibility.