Weight-Wise Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the reasons why a person’s weight stalls on Phase 2?

A: Some people have several stalls and others can seemingly sail through the program without any hindrances. The most important thing to remember is not to compare yourself with any other person doing the Weight-Wise™ protocol. We are all unique and each of us responds differently to this program. Stalls can happen as a result of several different factors:

  1. Sometimes we inadvertently use an oil or fat that is absorbed through the skin.
  2. We may be at an old set-point that our body feels comfortable with
  3. We may be in a situation that is stressful or one that is stirring up our emotions.
  4. Release of toxins (fat soluble toxins) that are being released back into your system. These toxins increase the acidity of the body and in response it retains enough water to alkalize or neutralize these toxins in order to flush them out of the body. This water retention may show up as a stall.

What do I eat in Phase 3? I am scared to put the weight back on.

A: The most important thing to remember in Phase 3 is to eat enough! You need to consume about 1500 calories per day to maintain your weight. I advise eating little and often. 5-6 small meals a day is better than 3 large meals. You may cook with oil and butter and carefully monitor dairy and nuts as you increase your calories. It will become very obvious if something is inflammatory to your system, that is, it causes a weight gain above the 2lbs. Doing a correction day in Phase 3 is crucial if weight goes above the 2lb window.

Is it important to take my Weight-Wise™ drops at a certain time during the day?

A: You can take your Weight-Wise™ supplement at any time of the day. Just space it out to your convenience in 3 servings.

Do I need to stop taking Weight-Wise™ during menstruation? How many days do I stop taking it?

A: With our homeopathic supplement, there is no need to stop taking during menstruation.

I am a big pop drinker. Can I drink diet soda on Phase 2?

A: It is helpful if you understand that diet drinks contain chemicals that have an adverse effect on the body. The toxic effect of these artificial sweeteners is proven and they should be avoided not just in Phase 2 or 3, but always. It is our hope that we can encourage you towards optimum health and guide you to make small but significant changes to your everyday diet. If you need the bubbles, you may drink seltzer water sweetened with flavored stevia. There are at least a dozen different flavors to choose from and they can be a great transition tool for eliminating soda from your diet.

My skin is dry. What lotion can I use?

A: During Phase 2 it is important to avoid using lotions and creams on your body. Weight-Wise™opens up the adipose fat stores to be burned as fuel but it is also a two way street. Extra oils either consumed or put on the body may be stored while using Weight-Wise™. This is why Dr. Simeons insisted that there be no oil or fat used in his original protocol. However, with the introduction of our new formula, Weight-Wise™, we are pleased to announce that you can use coconut oil internally and externally. Another helpful product is something called NaPCA. It can be found in health-food stores and may be used anywhere on the body. This product is manufactured by Twinlab and they have more information about this product on their website.

I just started Phase 2. When do the hunger pangs get better?

A: The first few days of the Very Low Calorie diet can be challenging. Mentally we have to make adjustments to the portions and choices of foods we are able to eat as we move from eating anything we want to only 750 calories a day. A lot of the time our body is actually calling for water, not food and for some, increasing water consumption is all that is needed. Breaking old habits is difficult but well worth the discipline. If you are truly hungry, then try spreading your food out to where you eat something every couple of hours throughout the day. Weight-Wise™ supplement is designed to suppress your appetite and signal your body to burn fuel. Personally, I have found that the first 3 days of VLCD are the hardest and by the 4th day I tend to feel less deprived and more victorious!

Is there a good way to measure the veggies?

A: Healthy handfuls! That’s my motto! You will be surprised that you are not as hungry as you think you will be. Use common sense.

Can I take over the counter pain relievers?

A: Use them if necessary, but do not be alarmed if your weight loss slows or stalls. Chemicals are very hard on the body and are acidic to our system. The body has to retain water to neutralize them and flush them from our system.

When should I break a stall?

A: I personally never a let a stall go for more than 3 days. Regardless of the reason for the stall, I have found that doing an apple day for a Phase 2 stall works best. This comprises of 4 apples and plenty of water. The next day your weight should begin to reduce again. Alternatively, you may do a mini steak day. Eat nothing all day and for supper eat a 3 oz lean steak with 1 apple or 1 tomato.

How important is water consumption? I only really drink tea and coffee.

A: It is critical!!! Water is vital to the proper functioning of the body. Drink half your body weight in ounces every day. The adipose fat layer is basically acidic and acid is toxic to us. The body has to neutralize (alkalize) the toxins released and it needs water to accomplish this. Tea and coffee are very acidic and if you only consume these, you are making your body work unnecessarily hard to reverse the acidic effect they produce.